TasteFull Excursions

offers an extensive fleet of comfortable, and fully equipped tour vehicles providing onboard re-charging outlets and WIFI access, when available.

Important things for you to know ….

Passenger Transportation License Carrier # PT72373

| All companies providing transportation services are required by law to be licensed by the BC Passenger Transportation Authority, and meet a rigorous set of criteria in the interests of public safety. Please ensure that any tour company that you choose to employ is properly licensed to ensure your own protection from liability risks. 

Efficiency | Our entire fleet ranges from 2014 -2018 models that maximize fuel efficiency and providing guests get the “greenest” and smoothest ride available.

Functionality | With a high roof, there is lots of head room, big windows to maximize your views and multi-controlled air conditioning and heating for your interior comfort. Secure cooler storage for food and beverages is also available for guest purchases.

Comfort | Although not equipped with a wheelchair lift, there is also easier entry with a hydraulic drop/lift step for guest convenience.

Safety | We are dedicated to providing the best in passenger safety with a vehicle electronic stability program that helps keep our vehicles in control regardless of road conditions and load distribution. The vans are also equipped with an emergency exit and the driver has blind spot assist and collision prevention assist – this means that you can sit back and relax in our vehicles

Our Vehicles Provide Complimentary Chilled Water, WiFi and Cell Chargers …


  • Do you like Math?
    1033 bottles sold
    56 wine tours
    392 guests
    Average: 3 bottles purchased per person

  • When the mountains call, you should always answer.

    📸 ben_pearman | 📍 CMH Bugaboos |

  • Today. We helped 14 people booked for @AirCanada get from @KamloopsAirport to @yvrairport when flights were cancelled due to smoke. Also rescued a stranded passenger at yvr to get back to . We had more drivers on standby ready to help.

  • Part of our tour adventure was our across the North Thompson River. Very lovely if short trip across the river on a cable ferry in operation since 1907