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TasteFull Excursions is Kamloops' First Premium Transportation service provider in the Thompson Valley specializing in guided wine tours plus area attractions and activities. Tour destinations include Kamloops Wine Trail (with Sun Peaks Resort pickup options & rates), Shuswap, Lake Country, Gold Country and Okanagan Wine Trail packages.

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Why Book With TasteFull Excursions?

TASTEFULL EXCURSIONS  is very proud to be the first wine tour operator in Kamloops starting in 2014 with one vehicle.  We now operate a year round transportation business with 2 Mercedes Sprinters and 9 Ford Transits.  

MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Most visitors enjoy sharing their holiday experiences with like-minded individuals. As tour operators, we enjoy witnessing complete strangers become friends by the end of a tour.

SAFETY. The tastings served at each winery you visit may appear like a minimum amount of alcohol but the cumulative effect of 3-4 stops along the wine route quickly adds up to the equivalent of a 750ml bottle – over the legal limit. Even the most disciplined DD (Designated Driver) often succumbs to enjoying a few ounces or believes “sipping & spitting” will suffice. It is NOT worth the gamble. 

KNOWLEDGE. Leave the google maps behind. Allow our guides the pleasure of providing an entertaining and knowledgeable drive to the wineries and provide interesting details about the region and the BC wine industry

Our guides are very familiar with the tourism highlights, and history of the region. You are going to enjoy the unique wines and enjoy the sights as well.

TasteFull Excursions has experienced driver guides who are familiar with the wine industry and can help you explore the most appropriate tour to satisfy your tastes. Whether you are wine curious, a wine collector, or a wine connoisseur, we can provide you with extraordinary experiences from barrel tastings, to seated wine & culinary pairings, to tours through the vineyard or facility.  

BE OUR SPECIAL GUEST TasteFull Excursions works closely with their winery partners to ensure that you are not stuck waiting in a crowded tasting room for your turn at the bar. In peak seasons (May-September) tasting rooms are very BUSY, and appointments are a pre-requisite for a premium tasting experience.

SECURE WINE STORAGE  TasteFull Excursions provides coolers to store wine purchases.  Please note that wine left in hot vehicles will spoil within 45 minutes so coolers are essential in the heat of summer.

COMFORT. Comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles that is assured preferential parking or drop off zones is especially important for guests with physical challenges. Guests are welcome to leave their valuables in a locked vehicle during their tour.

HYDRATION Complimentary, chilled, bottled water is provided on all of tours and shuttles

PLEASE NOTE:  "It is the law in British Columbia that no alcohol can be consumed while traveling in any vehicle. Passengers need to know that limousine and/or tour operators must refuse to board passengers carrying alcohol and they must terminate trips if they find alcohol being consumed in a vehicle. Trips must be terminated in a safe manner such as returning passengers to their starting point or calling parents to come and pick up minors. Operators who do not comply with liquor laws run the risk of losing their licenses."  BC Liquor Control and Licensing Act

Also, keep in mind that wineries are obliged to refuse service to guests who appear to be intoxicated even when the guest is part of a guided tour. We want to ensure that everyone has a great time while being respectful of the law and being respectful to our drivers and the wineries and/or breweries that we visit.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and look forward to providing you with a great tour experience!